Satellite Image, Photo of Gulf of Corcovado, Chile

Gulf of Corcovado, Chile January 1997. The northern Gulf of Corcovado can be seen in this west-northwest-looking view. An inlet of the Pacific Ocean, the gulf separates the island of Chiloé (upper left), the largest of the Chilean Islands, from the Chilean mainland (bottom). Islands discernible along the right center and upper right separate the Gulf of Corcovado from the Gulf of Ancud (not visible). Lumbering, fishing, and tourism are the main industries of the small surrounding communities. The snow-capped mountain seen on the lower-left margin of the image, with three lakes on its north and northeast flanks, is the 7000 foot (2135 meter) Corcovado Volcano. The pointed island protruding into the gulf in the upper left portion of the image is Tranqui Island..
Source: National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA/JPL/NIMA

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