Palestine, Ancient Map (Palaestina)

Source: "A Classical Atlas, to Illustrate Ancient Geography; Comprised in Twenty-Five maps, Showing the Various Divisions of the World as Known to the Ancients; Composed from the Most Authentic Sources." by Alexander G. Findlay, F.R.G.S. 1849

Israel Historical Map

Issues in the Middle East, Atlas, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, 1973. Six small maps: Israel in Biblical Times (David's Kingdom c.970 B.C., Solomon's Kingdom c.930 B.C.), Israel in Biblical Times (Hasmonaean Kingdom under the Maccabees 167-142 B.C.), Palestine British Mandate 1920-1948, Palestine U.N. Partition Plan 1947, Israel 1949-1967 and Israel and Occupied Territory since June 10, 1967
Source: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

Coastal Defences Map, Japan 1907

Japanese Coast Defences 1907. From Imperial Outposts, from a Strategical and Commercial Aspect, with Special Reference to the Japanese Alliance, by Colonel A. M. Murray; published by John Murray, London 1907.
Source: Colonel A. M. Murray