Satellite Image, Photo of Sabancaya, Chachani, El Misti Volcanoes, Peru

Sabancaya, Chachani, and El Misti Volcanoes, Peru May 1997. The snow-covered stratovolcanic peaks of Sabancaya (left center), Chachani (just bottom-right of center), and world famous El Misti (just right of Chachani) are located in the Andes Mountains of southern Peru. Sabancaya, at 19,972 feet (5967 meters), has been active as recently as May 1990 through February 1992. The Camana River Canyon or Valley (center of image) separates Sabancaya and Chachani Volcanoes. Chachani Volcano at 19867 feet (6057 meters) is presently dormant. Its last eruption was estimated to have occurred over 100,000 years ago. To Chachani Volcano’s southeast, and separated by the canyon of the Chili River is the cone-shaped El Misti Volcano. El Misti at 19150 feet (5840 meters) last volcanic activity occurred in March of 1870. Earthquakes are common around the volcano, however, a major eruption has not occurred in centuries. The upper portion of the image shows numerous older extinct and dormant volcanoes with their extensive lava and ash flows. The lower portion of the image depicts the high plain to the southwestward toward the Pacific Ocean..
Source: National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA/JPL/NIMA

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