Satellite Image, Photo of Rio Parana Delta, Argentina

The Rio Parana has created a very broad delta and floodplain at the mouth of the river along the western end of the Rio de la Plata. This delta and floodplain extends from the noticeably curving line near the top of the image to almost touching the bottom edge of the picture. Several distributary channels of the river are shown as light colored, narrow, linear features that wind in a generally eastward direction. The floodplain has been extensively modified. The floodplain is visible due to the differing vegetation patterns and the sharp edges within the delta. The very thin, light-colored line that extends north-south across the delta (middle of the picture) appears to be a highway. Several individual smoke plumes can be seen on the flat but slightly elevated land east of the highway on the delta. Two cities, Zarate and Campana (brighter features lower middle) can be identified along the southern channel (and southern boundary of the Rio Parana). The broader, muddy Rio Uruguay is visible in the upper right quadrant of the picture. The Uruguay River marks the border between Argentina and Uruguay..
Source: National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA/JPL/NIMA

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