Satellite Image, Photo of Rio Parana, Argentina

The floodplain of the Rio Parana in northeast Argentina narrows in this section of the river. The two cities of Parana (along the east bank of the river) and Santa Fe (along the west bank) are visible along the southern edge of the image. The main channel (highly reflective surface) of the Rio Parana hugs the eastern edge of the floodplain of the river. A wider swath of muddy water occupies the more westerly part of the Rio Parana floodplain. Notice that a ponding of water has formed north of Santa Fe and that a channel connects the Rio Parana with the standing water, thereby providing a source of muddy water. A section of highway (narrow, light colored line) is visible northeast of Parana. The landscape on both sides of the Rio Parana is used extensively for agriculture. This particular scene in northeast Argentina begins the northern extent of region known as the Pampa, an area of fertile soils and grasslands that is highly productive in terms of agricultural output..
Source: National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA/JPL/NIMA

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