N-443 highway by the city of Cádiz 2008

Cadiz, due to the particular site it occupied, has two access roads: the CA-35 and N-443 through the Carranza Bridge and CA-33 through the narrow isthmus that connects Cadiz to San Fernando. The total length of the Carranza Bridge, including mobile section and fixed sections, is 1460 meters. A new access is being built to Cadiz from the CA-35 through the Barrio del río San Pedro and the Bahía, over La Pepa Bridge, also under construction.

The N-443 was designed with one lane in each direction. Today it also have a reversible lane. It is in works in connection with the construction of the Puente de la Pepa. It has a central mobile section for the passage of vessels to the base of Carraca and the shipyards of San Fernando.

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